2020 Base Building Week 1

After a couple of disappointing training blocks last year I decided going into 2020 I needed to build a strong base before I embark on the training blocks for the Great Birmingham 10K and the Great North Run.

The base building phase is an 8 week block with 4 runs a week. I’m hoping that the other days of the week I’ll make it to the gym for some cross training or strength training.

The first week consisted of 3 easy runs of 40 minutes where the target pace was 9:11-10:10 per mile and a long run of 1 hour 30 minutes at a target pace of 9:13-10:32 per mile.

Run 1 of the week was a bit of a struggle to be honest which isn’t much of a surprise given the ad-hoc nature of my running so far this year. I covered 4.22 miles at a pace of 9:29 per mile but I found it hard to keep my heart rate under control.

The 2nd run of the week was a bit more comfortable. I covered 4.27 miles at a pace of 9:23 per mile and that felt more comfortable with a couple of quicker miles to finish.

The last 40 minute run of the week saw me feel a lot more comfortable and I went a bit too quick in the middle of the run, as the 2nd and 3rd miles were quicker than the target pace. I covered 4.41 miles at a pace of 9:05 per mile. This was the 2nd attempt that day to get that run in. The first I nearly ended up on my backside twice within 50 metres because of the ice.

I would be lying if I said I was particularly keen on getting out on Sunday for my long run but eventually I dragged myself out and really enjoyed it. In the 1 hour 30 minutes I covered 9.44 miles at 9:32 per mile. The route I picked was fairly hilly and the last couple of miles were a bit of a struggle as they were uphill and with the temperature feeling a lot warmer than when I started.

Overall I was pretty pleased with the first week, I felt more comfortable

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