2020 Goals

At the end of 2019 I knew that if I was setting goals for 2020 I needed to be smarter about it than when I did it for 2019.

I believe that the time based goals I have set for myself are achievable. Having ran 22:41 last year, sub 22:00 for 5K may not seem very challenging but I know that I am not in the same shape as I apparently was early in 2019. I know that I shocked myself with my 2019 5K times and I may shock myself again this year but I’m not sure how much faster than that I can go. My 10K pb is 52:04 but that was set way back in August 2018 and I think I’ve improved enough to challenge that. I’ve entered the Great Birmingham 10K on 31st May and there are a couple of others I’m looking at later in the year. I think with proper preparation the half marathon goal is achievable. The only half marathon I’ve entered so far, and probably will be the only one for the year is the Great North Run. It’s not really a PB course given the crowds of runners but fingers crossed everything clicks.

In order to reach those goals I’m going to need to be much more consistent in my training, especially my strength training and also in my nutrition.

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