2020 Base Building Week 6

This week was much better in terms of consistency. Also the weather this week by and large has been much more conducive to consistency.

For the first run of the week I finally managed to get myself out of bed for an early morning pre work run. 25 minutes easy pace to start and finish, with 10 x 15 seconds of strides with 1 minute recovery to work on getting the legs turning over and used to running a bit quicker.

The second run of the week was a steady state run with 20 minutes easy to warm up, followed by 40 minutes steady at a pace of 8:32-8:53 per mile, and 20 minutes easy pace to warm down. There were some difficult parts to this run which was largely down to the weather, a little bit of sun, rain, hail, sleet and snow along with a whole lot of wind. For the 40 minute steady section I averaged 8:30 per mile, so a little quick but largely pretty comfortable.

Saturdays run was 50 minutes easy pace. Again it was windy, when the sun was out it was quite nice although it was pretty horrible when the hail was coming down into the headwind. I covered 5.44 miles in the 50 minutes at 9:11 per mile.

Sunday’s long run felt really good. The weather was very variable, pretty heavy snow at the halfway point of the run and gorgeous sunshine by the end. My body felt really good and I was pretty happy that I was able to finish up with a couple of quicker miles.

All in I’m pretty happy with how this week went, nice and consistent and looking forward to building on it going forward.

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