2020 Base Building Week 7

Just a quick post to update on week 7 of the base building plan. It wasn’t the best week. Given the weather and the shifts at work I wasn’t able to get out at the beginning of the week. Then at the backend of the week I was first travelling down to my parents and then down to Sutton Coldfield to visit my nephew.

The first run I managed to get out for was on Saturday morning. I intended to go out for my 1 hour 50 minute long run and decided to head along the canal path towards Birmingham. I managed just over 1 hour 30 minutes before there was a slight bit of pain in my groin.

The second run of the week was Sunday morning. I decided I was just going to head out for as long as felt easy. Given some stiff legs and a few beers the night before I wasn’t sure how long easy would last. I managed just over 5K pretty comfortably.

This coming week is the last of the base building phase so I’m hoping to get back on track and on plan before beginning Project 10K the following week in training for the Great Birmingham 10K

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