2020 Base Building Week 8

Well that is the end of the base building phase of my training. I think you can tell from the picture above how this final week went.

Struggled with some motivation after getting home mid Monday afternoon and it wasn’t until after work on Thursday that I got out for my first run of the week. I headed out and did 40 minutes easy pace and it felt better the longer the run went on. I finished up with 4.31 miles in the 40 minutes at 9:16 per mile.

I had intended to go out on Friday after work but after what felt like the longest day at work in recorded history, I had no desire to go out for a run at all.

This morning saw me drop my car off at the garage for its MOT and then head out for a steady state run. It was supposed to be 15 minutes easy pace to warm up followed by 60 minutes at 8:32-8:57 per mile, with 15 minutes easy pace to cool down. The initial 15 minute warm up period was perfectly fine and nothing out of the ordinary and then when I picked up the pace for the steady state segment my hamstring felt really tight and after 1.3 miles it hadn’t started to ease so I decided to pull the plug on the run. With Project 10K starting next week I didn’t want to take any unnecessary risks. To top of my day my car failed it’s MOT and I’m without it until at least Tuesday.

Sunday was meant to a 90 minute long run but I think I’ll settle for a walk to the gym and some time on the bike along with probably some foam rolling and yoga when I get back home.

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