Project 10K

Going into this year I have done two 10K races previously.

The first of the two was the Glasgow Men’s 10K in June of 2018. This race came on the heels of me finishing Couch to 5K, I found whilst doing Couch to 5K I benefitted from having structure and having something to aim towards. I really enjoyed the training because of the increase in distances and pace that I was running. Come the day of the race it started as a damp cold morning but ended up being fairly warm, I set off a bit quick and paid for it a bit as we got to the middle of the race but I finished fairly strongly to finish in a time of 54:00.

The second 10K was later in the same year on the August Bank Holiday weekend. I’d signed up for and was training for the Great Scottish run and so when there was a race the weekend that I was visiting my parents I decided it would be a good chance to see how my training was going. The weather was miserable, it was relatively dry but always looked like it was a minute from chucking it down. I was a lot more cautious starting the race than for the previous one and maybe left a bit too much in the tank as I was able to finish quickly and strongly and overtake quite a few people in the last mile as I finished in 52:04.

Last year and also this year I’ve come up with a list of running goals. On the 2019 list was to run a sub 50:00 10K, the only slight problem was that I didn’t actually manage to run a 10K race in 2019 so I decided to roll that over onto this years list.

I spent a bit of time looking for a 10K race that would be suitable without impinging on my training for the Great North Run, which I’m determined to do better at than last year. In the end I settled on the Great Birmingham 10K for a couple of reasons. Firstly once the race is over I still have 15 weeks to get into half marathon shape for the Great North Run. Secondly being a Great Run race it should be a decent sized crowd of people running which should provide a decent atmosphere. Thirdly and really most importantly it means I can spend the weekend visiting my nephew which has the added bonus of meaning I don’t have to shell out for a hotel room as well as my train tickets.

For the race I’m going to follow a 12 week training plan with the McMillan Run Club which is 4 runs a week. The weeks will largely consist of 2 workouts (a mixture of sped, strength and hill runs) an easy pace run and a long run.

Here’s hoping for a good healthy training segment. If all goes well I should put myself in a good position to hit my target of sub 50:00.

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