Project 10K is no more

So it’s taken quite a few weeks for me to get around to writing this post. As expected the Great Birmingham 10K was cancelled so Project 10K is no more.

Knowing that it was very likely to be cancelled I was determined to carry on with the full training block even if it meant me running a virtual race on the day the race was to go ahead. Once the UK went into lockdown I really had so little motivation for the first couple of weeks to get out there and run. I was also still having to go into work and felt that working in an office and also going out to run might be a bit more risky than things should be.

But in the last week or two my mental health was starting to struggle without running. It also wasn’t helped by my government department employer providing me with a laptop to work from home and then changing their mind a day later and having those of us with laptops still go into work for the last three and a half weeks 🤷🏻‍♂️.

The last week or two has seen me back out relatively consistently to keep myself ticking over. The intention for the rest of the year was to run the Great North Run in September, given the situation in the UK at the moment I will be extremely surprised if the race goes ahead and even if the race does go ahead some serious thinking will need to be done to decide if taking part is the best idea. The intention is to do the full training block for the race, my training is not affected much as I run on my own anyway so social distancing as I run is nothing new.

Hopefully everyone stays happy and healthy.

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