Project Great North Run

This coming week is when my training for the Great North Run is due to begin. Given the current circumstances and the noises coming out of the organisers it is looking like it’s certain to be cancelled, however I’m intending to go through with the training plan and run a half marathon on the race day (13th September).

The Great North Run means a great deal to me as I was born and spent my early years in the North East, and spent some time in South Shields (where the race finishes) while visiting my grandparents. Another reason it has some meaning is that both my maternal grandparents funeral were held at South Shields Crematorium which is on the route of the run.

I took part in the run last year and really don’t feel I did myself justice. I was disappointed in my time but more in my preparation. The first half of my training plan went really well and then the last 6 weeks just fell off a cliff. That coupled with a warm sunny day for the race led to a real struggle to get around the course. I think the only reason I made it to the end was because of how brilliant the support from the crowds lining the road was.

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