Project Great North Run Week 1

So that’s the first week of training completed for the Great North Run. As I said in last weeks introduction post to Project Great North Run, I fully expect the race to be called off but as yet it is still set to go ahead. There was scheduled to be 6 runs this week but with a few long days at work I knew before the start of the week that I would not be able to fit 1 of the runs in and so rescheduled that run for next week.

The first run of the week was undertaken on Monday. It was to be 1 hour 20 minutes at an easy pace. The weather was gorgeous and when setting out there was a light cooling breeze which I was thankful for, however the breeze quickly disappeared the temperature went up and towards the end it became a bit of a struggle. The splits definitely slowed towards the end and the last mile was definitely a struggle with the heat and it being fairly steeply uphill.

By Wednesday and the second run of the week the weather had gone through a bit of a change. It had rained pretty heavily overnight and the temperature had definitely cooled so it was feeling a lot fresher and more comfortable to run in. This run was 1 hour at an easy pace, it felt good and I was very happy with how comfortable it was and how I was able to keep my heart rate under control.

Saturday saw a double run day. The first run was the third instalment of the McKirdy Mile virtual series. I will do a full write up on the series after the final instalment. Going into the series my fastest ever mile was 06:57. Somehow I’ve managed to improve on that in each of the “races” and set 3 pbs. Race 1 saw me run 06:49, race 2 was 06:35 and this week was 06:29. I decided going into this weeks mile I was going to set the auto lap to every quarter mile to see if that would help make sure I didn’t go out too hard and die, particularly like I did in the first mile. I have to say when I saw the time at the end of the mile I was surprised I’d improved on the previous week as I felt I’d really struggled in the second half. Looking at the splits it turns out I’d actually struggled in the middle and picked it up again a bit at the end.

The second run of the day, about 3 hours after the mile, was an easy pace 1 hour. The sun had come out between the first and second run but thankfully there was a bit of a cooling breeze, which would have been wonderful for the mile as it would have been a tailwind for most of the mile. I was a bit surprised at how comfortable the pace felt after that all out mile.

The final run of the week was a 1 hour 25 minute long run. Upon waking up I really didn’t want to head out for a run which might have had something to do with someone’s car alarm going off every 10 minutes for most of the night. It took a bit of a while to feel as though my legs and mind wanted to commit to the run but I eventually settled into an easy pace and rhythm.

Week 1 complete and hopefully week 2 will be as good as week 1 has proven to be. I’m also looking to implement some strength work into my training from next week too.

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