Project Great North Run Week 2

Week 2 of my training for the Great North Run is now complete. It’s been a bit of a challenging week as I suffered a real lack of motivation for a couple of days in the middle of the week.

Run 1 of the week as an easy paced hour in the rain. The rain was actually quite welcome and felt pretty refreshing given the last couple of months, right up until the last 5 or so minutes when I got completely drenched.

It was following this first run of the week that I found myself lacking motivation to get out. Eventually I decided to drag myself out on Friday evening even if it was just to get 30 minutes in. I started out at an easy pace and decided to push the pace on towards the end. Felt pretty good for having got out there, however given the wind and rain I’d have been better off with some sleeves.

Saturday saw the third run of the week. The aim was to go out for 80 minutes with 70 minutes at an easy pace and finish the last 10 minutes at a quicker pace. I felt pretty good throughout the run and was very happy with how much I had left for the final 10 minutes. The aim for the the easy section was to be between 9:11 and 10:10 per mile so I was really chuffed with averaging 9:15 per mile for the first 70 minutes and then being able to average 8:16 per mile for the last 10 minutes having already run for an hour.

Today saw my long run. I decided going out that I was just going to run at a comfortable pace without focusing too much on what pace I was running. Happy to have got 10+ miles in at 9:25 per mile. Had to avoid lots of cyclists and other runners as everyone and their dog seemed to be out this morning.

For the most part next week sees a bit of a drop in intensity prior to starting some fartlek and hill sessions the following week.

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