McKirdy Mile Series

In the middle of the COVID-19 lockdown, I was scrolling through Instagram when I came across some posts promoting a series of virtual mile races. The McKirdy Mile series was put together by the guys at McKirdy Trained, one of my favourite follows on the gram. The completely free 4 part series was to take place over 4 weekends in May and June and I decided to enter to give me a reason to keep running what with my 10K having been cancelled.

For the first mile on 2nd May I don’t think I’d tried running hard at that sort of distance since doing the 1500m at school over 20 years ago. That was some hard going but I managed to knock about 11 seconds off my previous best mile which was set at parkrun in January 2019. Definitely some lessons to be learned for the next one, went out far too hard and died in the middle before rallying a bit and holding on.

Despite how it looks in the picture for the second mile that felt much better than the first one. Didn’t go out as hard in the first quarter mile and hard more in the tank towards the end as a result. A different route than mile 1 but on reflection a course that was much less conducive to running quick, thanks to some obstacles so it left me thinking there was a bit more to come in 3 weeks time.

For the third mile I returned to the course from the first mile and wanted to be out early for to avoid traffic on the roads that need to crossed. Another PB making that a PB in all 3 of the miles so far but not the feeling during this mile was that there wasn’t much more to come in the final instalment in 3 weeks time.

Saturday 27th June saw the final mile of the series, given the lack of running and effort in the week leading up to the mile I wasn’t really expecting to even be close to the time from the third mile let alone have a chance of beating it. With the lack of activity in the last week or so I knew there wasn’t much chance of making it 4 PBs out of 4. The intention this morning was not to go out too quick and the first half mile felt good. Between the half mile and three quarter point there is a very slight incline and I struggled a touch there. The last quarter mile I was able to rally a bit and had some more in the tank to finish strong.

Have to say a massive thanks to the guys at McKirdy Trained for coming up with the idea for this virtual mile series, it’s been good to focus on a bit of a different distance and pace.

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