Project Great North Run Week 4

Following on from the lack of desire to get out at the end of week 3, week 4 began in much the same way. A combination of a lack of desire, the horrible heat and a couple of days of bad headaches meant that the first time I got out for the week was Friday morning.

Friday morning saw me finally wake up early enough to get out for a run before work. This was my first run of the week as I really didn’t fancy running in the afternoon and evening heat of earlier in the week. I went for an easy pace 45 minutes and it was pretty good but felt very warm enough though it was only 15 degrees. As I was coming towards the end of the 45 minutes I decided to extend to 5 miles as I was so close. Out and back by 6 am and just as well as soon after I got back the thunder and heavy rain started.

Saturday saw the final mile of the Mckirdy Mile series, given the lack of running and effort in the week leading up to the mile I wasn’t really expecting to even be close to the time from the third mile let alone have a chance of beating it. With the lack of activity in the last week or so I knew there wasn’t much chance of making it 4 PBs out of 4. The intention this morning was not to go out too quick and the first half mile felt good. Between the half mile and three quarter point there is a very slight incline and I struggled a touch there. The last quarter mile I was able to rally a bit and had some more in the tank to finish strong.

Second run of Saturday following on from my early morning mile was an easy pace hour. Still fairly warm but there is something nice and refreshing about running in rain showers following the heat of this week. Felt nice and comfortable and pace was pretty consistent.

Following on from 2 runs on Saturday, including an all out mile, and a bit of a lacklustre week of running I decided that I wanted to take my long run nice and easy to keep a consistent pace and last the planned time of run. 1 hour 40 minutes later and I’m happy with the consistency of the pacing and also with how under control my heart rate was. Was pretty wet and windy out there this morning, could have done without the wind but overall much more comfortable temperature for running than the rest of this past week.

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