Project Great North Run Week 5

I ended last week feeling that I had a bit of consistency and motivation. Spoiler alert this week did not follow the same pattern. The motivation was there and the mind was willing but the legs weren’t.

Started the week off with a bit of an interval session. 25 minutes warm up followed by 5 lots of 3 minutes on and 2 minutes with recovery with 20 minutes cool down. Felt quite a bit warmer than I was expecting given what the weather was like on Monday. Was kind of surprised with how strong I felt in the last couple of reps.

Following on from Tuesdays run my legs felt like death and so I thought it prudent to skip the Wednesday and Thursday runs on the plan, particularly as I’m only building towards a virtual race and not the actual Great North Run.

Out nice and early for Saturdays run whilst it was still dry. 1 hour easy pace was on the plan and largely stuck to that, although the first and last miles were a touch quicker than planned.

Sunday long run aborted, just didn’t have anything in my legs this morning. Having seen the forecast for today I was keen to get out early to avoid the worst of the wind and rain. Early night last night, up early this morning to get my breakfast in and then out for my run. Felt nice an awake and raring to go but within the first mile quickly realised my legs weren’t feeling it. Thought it might be running into a strong breeze but even with the wind at my back it didn’t feel great so decided to call it a day after 3 miles.

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