Virtual Project Great North Run

It’s been long time since I updated the blog, in fact the last post was at the beginning of July after week 5 of Project Great North Run.

As soon as the 2019 Great North Run was complete my focus was on the 2020 race as I felt I had unfinished business given that I wasn’t happy with my time and race in 2019. The aim for the first half of 2020 was to focus on my 10K PB with the intention of the speed work helping with my half marathon training. I was 2 weeks into training for my 10K race when COVID-19 hit and we went into lockdown. The 10K race was quickly cancelled and it was pretty obvious that the Great North Run wasn’t going to happen like a normal year. I told myself that even though it was obvious the physical race would be cancelled that I would continue on with the full training plan. However once the race was cancelled my motivation plummeted. The training was pretty hit and miss until the last couple of weeks and I maybe had 1 decent longish training run in the whole training segment.

When it came to race day on the 13th September I was determined that I was going to complete the distance without heading out with a particular time goal in mind. Given the training or lack of it I knew that completing the distance was going to be hard enough without putting the pressure of a time goal on me. The weather could have been better, although the temperature was ok the 30 mph gusting wind was something I was not particularly looking forward to, especially as it would be in my face for the vast majority of the second half of my run. Given the wind I was genuinely amazed by the split times in the second half of the run. Given the issues with the training the run felt nice and comfortable and somehow I came out with a time that was two and a half minutes faster than I have ever run a half marathon!!!!

Following on from the virtual Great North Run, I did a virtual 5K. Given the lack of training leading up to the half marathon which didn’t see much speed training I wasn’t expecting much but somehow ended up with my 3rd fastest time and only about half a minute off my PB. Since then the motivation has really waned again, I’ve put on quite a bit of weight and am now staring down the barrel of the start of Lockdown 2.0 here in Scotland. Because of all this I really need to do something and get back into the groove. I am intending a kind of personal reboot and my intent is to get a lot more consistent with my running and also my strength training.

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