Goodbye 2020


Good riddance to the year 2020.

What a truly horrific year for everyone.


Normally when I set goals for myself I feel really bad if I haven’t met them however given the absolute shots how that 2020 has been I’m pretty certain that everyone one is in a very similar boat. None of us could have imagined what was coming at the start of the year.

The race time specific goals that I set might have looked foolishly ambitious when you look at what I achieved but I really didn’t do too many virtual races or time trials throughout the year.

The new half marathon PB I set while doing the Virtual Great North Run was possibly the most pleasing thing I did this year. It was short of the goal for the year but given the real lack of motivation throughout the training for it I’m genuinely amazed that I managed to get anywhere near my previous PB of 1:59:03, let alone beat that on a particularly windy day.

As far as the 10K was concerned, the year started well I’d built up a pretty good base and was just starting the 10K block of training when suddenly we were in lockdown it was apparent the race I was scheduled for wasn’t going to happen. Like with the training for the Great North Run, my motivation disappeared and I only went out and ran the 10K so that I got the medal.

For the 5K I ran 1 virtual race in September about a fortnight after the Virtual Great North Run. I had done no real speed work so was very happy to have somehow ran my 3rd fastest ever 5K.

The one series of time trials that I wouldn’t have envisioned doing at the beginning of the year was over the Mile. But when the McKirdy Mile series popped up on Instagram, I thought it was worth a shot and was able to take my previous fastest mile of 6:57 down to 6:46 in the first of the time trials and then progressing down to 6:29.

From a personal point of view the pandemic has hit pretty hard. I struggled with motivation, I wasn’t consistent with my exercising and I certainly ate a lot of crap and drank more than I normally would. This has meant I’ve put on quite a bit of weight since this time last year. In some ways this was inevitable but now there is a tiny bit of light at the end of the tunnel I am determined to right these things this year no matter what.

Probably the worst thing in this year is how little I have been able to see my family. I last saw my brother, sister and nephew on the 1st of March, since then my niece was born and being restricted to FaceTime and Zoom sucks. I visited my parents for a couple of days around the August Bank Holiday, but haven’t seen them since. Other than these interactions basically all I’ve done is go to work, go to the supermarket and go for solo runs. Christmas was really odd and I’m sure New Years Eve will be the same.

If I can survive this year I can survive anything.

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