Project 10K is no more

So it’s taken quite a few weeks for me to get around to writing this post. As expected the Great Birmingham 10K was cancelled so Project 10K is no more.

Knowing that it was very likely to be cancelled I was determined to carry on with the full training block even if it meant me running a virtual race on the day the race was to go ahead. Once the UK went into lockdown I really had so little motivation for the first couple of weeks to get out there and run. I was also still having to go into work and felt that working in an office and also going out to run might be a bit more risky than things should be.

But in the last week or two my mental health was starting to struggle without running. It also wasn’t helped by my government department employer providing me with a laptop to work from home and then changing their mind a day later and having those of us with laptops still go into work for the last three and a half weeks 🤷🏻‍♂️.

The last week or two has seen me back out relatively consistently to keep myself ticking over. The intention for the rest of the year was to run the Great North Run in September, given the situation in the UK at the moment I will be extremely surprised if the race goes ahead and even if the race does go ahead some serious thinking will need to be done to decide if taking part is the best idea. The intention is to do the full training block for the race, my training is not affected much as I run on my own anyway so social distancing as I run is nothing new.

Hopefully everyone stays happy and healthy.

Project 10K Week 1

Week 1 of Project 10K has taken place while the world seems to have gone to hell. Given all the races that have been cancelled so far in March and April because of COVID 19, I’m not holding out much hope that my 10K will actually go ahead at the end of May. Although it’s still a while off and things are changing so quickly, it doesn’t appear as though everything is going to be back to normal anytime soon. I’m going to continue training as though the race is going to go ahead for as long as is possible depending on the official advice otherwise I would drive myself mad.

The first run of the Project 10K training cycle was a 45 minute easy pace run. I dragged myself out of bed and had the run done before 6am. It took a mile or so to get the legs going but it was generally a decent run even with the heavens opening for the last 10 minutes.

The second run of the week was supposed to be hill repeats but that run went by the wayside thanks to a combination of car issues and some snow and ice.

Saturday morning saw a 55 minute easy pace run. Really enjoyed the run but it was a touch faster than the plan suggested. According to the plan I should have been aiming for 9:12 per mile at the quicker end of the scale. I misjudged the temperature for the run, looking at the forecast and out the window it looked really cold so I headed out with gloves and leggings. The gloves lasted about 5 minutes and I was a touch over heated by the time I finished the run.

Sunday’s long run on the plan was to be 1 hour 25 minutes. It was actually a fairly decent morning for a run, a bit of sunshine and only a little bit of drizzle. Have to say I wasn’t expecting the breeze that was out there. Badly misjudged tMy route and ended up back at the flat after 1 hour 5 minutes and couldn’t really be bothered to do a further 10 minute out and back to reach the 1 hour 25 minutes. Again as with Saturdays run it was quicker than what I was aiming for, by average about 10 seconds per mile too quick.

Week one of Project 10K in the book. Hopefully week two is a smooth week but obviously we are all at the mercy of official guidance so although the plan is there to be followed it’s a case of playing it by ear and doing what I can to keep myself and those around me healthy.

2020 Base Building Week 7

Just a quick post to update on week 7 of the base building plan. It wasn’t the best week. Given the weather and the shifts at work I wasn’t able to get out at the beginning of the week. Then at the backend of the week I was first travelling down to my parents and then down to Sutton Coldfield to visit my nephew.Continue reading “2020 Base Building Week 7”

2020 Base Building Week 6

This week was much better in terms of consistency. Also the weather this week by and large has been much more conducive to consistency.

For the first run of the week I finally managed to get myself out of bed for an early morning pre work run. 25 minutes easy pace to start and finish, with 10 x 15 seconds of strides with 1 minute recovery to work on getting the legs turning over and used to running a bit quicker.

The second run of the week was a steady state run with 20 minutes easy to warm up, followed by 40 minutes steady at a pace of 8:32-8:53 per mile, and 20 minutes easy pace to warm down. There were some difficult parts to this run which was largely down to the weather, a little bit of sun, rain, hail, sleet and snow along with a whole lot of wind. For the 40 minute steady section I averaged 8:30 per mile, so a little quick but largely pretty comfortable.

Saturdays run was 50 minutes easy pace. Again it was windy, when the sun was out it was quite nice although it was pretty horrible when the hail was coming down into the headwind. I covered 5.44 miles in the 50 minutes at 9:11 per mile.

Sunday’s long run felt really good. The weather was very variable, pretty heavy snow at the halfway point of the run and gorgeous sunshine by the end. My body felt really good and I was pretty happy that I was able to finish up with a couple of quicker miles.

All in I’m pretty happy with how this week went, nice and consistent and looking forward to building on it going forward.

2020 Base Building Week 5

As with week 4, this weeks schedule required some fairly major moving things around because of the weather. Next week looks as though it may require the same, we appear to be experiencing a significant period of stormy weather.

Given the forecast for snow and ice, along with the gale force winds at the beginning I thought I might be stuck with the treadmill. However there was a gap in the weather on Tuesday after finishing work for me to get out for my 45 minutes easy pace run. It was still cold and windy but the run was a fine and fairly uneventful 4.91 miles at 9:09 per mile.

Wednesdays run was the first run in this block that wasn’t an easy pace run or a long run. It was a steady pace run that called for 20 minutes warm up, followed by 30 minutes at 8:32-8:53 per mile, and 25 minutes warm down to finish. As this is the first run in a while since I’ve done anything but an easy pace run, I found it a little difficult to hit the right pace for the steady state part of the run and ended up averaging 8:20 per mile for that part.

Friday saw me out for 50 minutes easy pace. Pretty happy with even the pacing was because the first half of the run was with a strong tailwind and the second half was into a strong headwind. 50 minutes done at 9:08 per mile for 5.47 miles.

Saturday was a bit of a mini disaster. The intention for Saturday was to get my long run done pretty early before Storm Dennis arrived on Saturday afternoon and particularly with the wind forecasted for Sunday. That plan was scuppered when I was still wide awake at 1:30 on Saturday morning. In the end I eventually headed out at lunchtime. It was very wet and very windy and I ended up looking like a drowned rat. The intention was for 1 hour 40 minutes at 9:07-10:25 per mile. By 1 hour 30 minutes into the run I was pretty fed up and decided to call it a day at 9.51 miles and 9:28 per mile.

Overall a much more consistent week. Hopefully a bit more helpful weather next week means the consistency can continue but looking at the forecast for next week it looks like we may be due another storm for next Friday/Saturday.