Project Great North Run Week 5

I ended last week feeling that I had a bit of consistency and motivation. Spoiler alert this week did not follow the same pattern. The motivation was there and the mind was willing but the legs weren’t. Started the week off with a bit of an interval session. 25 minutes warm up followed by 5Continue reading “Project Great North Run Week 5”

Project Great North Run Week 4

Following on from the lack of desire to get out at the end of week 3, week 4 began in much the same way. A combination of a lack of desire, the horrible heat and a couple of days of bad headaches meant that the first time I got out for the week was FridayContinue reading “Project Great North Run Week 4”

Project Great North Run Week 3

Week 3 began with the news we were all expecting which was the cancellation of this years Great North Run. My entry has been rolled over to next years race. This third week of training was a bit of a down week in terms of intensity, it began well and for most of the weekContinue reading “Project Great North Run Week 3”

Project Great North Run Week 2

Week 2 of my training for the Great North Run is now complete. It’s been a bit of a challenging week as I suffered a real lack of motivation for a couple of days in the middle of the week. Run 1 of the week as an easy paced hour in the rain. The rainContinue reading “Project Great North Run Week 2”

2020 Base Building Week 7

Just a quick post to update on week 7 of the base building plan. It wasn’t the best week. Given the weather and the shifts at work I wasn’t able to get out at the beginning of the week. Then at the backend of the week I was first travelling down to my parents andContinue reading “2020 Base Building Week 7”

2020 Base Building Week 6

This week was much better in terms of consistency. Also the weather this week by and large has been much more conducive to consistency. For the first run of the week I finally managed to get myself out of bed for an early morning pre work run. 25 minutes easy pace to start and finish,Continue reading “2020 Base Building Week 6”