2020 Base Building Week 6

This week was much better in terms of consistency. Also the weather this week by and large has been much more conducive to consistency. For the first run of the week I finally managed to get myself out of bed for an early morning pre work run. 25 minutes easy pace to start and finish,Continue reading “2020 Base Building Week 6”

2020 Base Building Week 5

As with week 4, this weeks schedule required some fairly major moving things around because of the weather. Next week looks as though it may require the same, we appear to be experiencing a significant period of stormy weather. Given the forecast for snow and ice, along with the gale force winds at the beginningContinue reading “2020 Base Building Week 5”

2019 a year in review

As I mentioned in my previous post, my first year of running taught me that I work best when I have a goal to aim for otherwise I just drift and procrastinate. So going into 2019 I decided that at the start of the year I would give myself some goals to work towards. ItContinue reading “2019 a year in review”